Thursday, July 26, 2012

Confessions of an Absentee Blogger

Once upon a time there was a blogger named Melissa who loved to write about her adorable twins and life with all of its twists and spins.

There were tales of joy and some tales of woe--but never too long between posts, though.

Then, Melissa fell into a deep (blogging) pit. With so many topics for new blog posts piling up, what should she do--close the computer and quit?

But there were so many stories left to tell. Yes, more not less...

Maybe she should just digress from the mess, express, and confess...

I confess-- I have a half-finished blog post about Emily' dance recital (from May) and a reflection on how my decision to sign her up for dance really had more to do with my feelings of inadequacy than her desire to go. Regardless, wasn't her recital costume adorable??

I confess--I have yet to blog about the Babies getting ear tubes (in May) and the struggle and the process that finally led us to that (very wise) decision.

I confess--I haven't written about my 12 in 2012 project since the first of June. Adventure was that month's value, and while there was plenty of (fun) adventure, I also learned that sometimes adventure means that life takes you where you didn't know you were prepared to go--that is, until you are there. I confess I will not be sharing more of that adventure here, but let's say that once again, the month's value was the perfect choice, and it made sense that July's value is faith. One exciting update in this area? We may have found a church home!

I confess--I have yet to confess on this blog that my children have officially entered into the world of TV. While we held out until 23 months (just 1 month short of the AAP's recommendation, I might add), we eventually succumbed to the siren's song known as Elmo and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Let's just say I now understand why people put DVD players in the cars. To those people I once unfairly judged, I am sorry. I have now driven a mile in your shoes.

I confess--I may have been an absentee blogger, but I have tried to update MaMe's Facebook page more regularly. I needed somewhere I could share potty stories and mommy cartoons without fear of blocking from my toddler-free friends. If you want a safe place to talk about all things MaMe, I mean, mommy, then "LIKE" us on Facebook.

I confess--While I managed a blog post about the Babies' second birthday party, I missed writing about MaMe Musings' second anniversary. I could have totally done a giveaway with the leftover Sesame Street party bags! Or made you a cupcake using my new mad cupcake skills. What's worse than forgetting my blog's birthday? Realizing I didn't write 2 Year letters to the Babies.

I confess--Not writing the letters means I could possibly miss capturing the myriad of daily changes. Emily and Drew are so much fun--so smart, so funny. I want to record it all in a place more stable than the undependable mush I call my brain. Some of the most obvious changes are in their verbal abilities. Emily is such a talker, so it was easy to write "Emily Says." I started a parallel post called "Drew Says," but I confess, it is still in my draft folder.

I confess--I've missed the friendships and community that comes along with blogging. I've missed visiting my regular blogs. I've missed participating in some familar favorites, like Pontifications of a Twin Mom's Mama Loves, where I could share cool finds like the Baby Genius Krinkles Building Set that allows my Drew to make his own boat:

I confess--Every time I hear this song, I think, "I need to link this one up with Ginger's Songs that Make Us Sing Saturday!"

I confess--As August 25 approaches, I find myself thinking more and more about one of my last Pour Your Heart Out posts, and I wonder if I will always be able to tell you exactly how old my baby would have been.

I confess--I really wanted to write about the Whole Foods' trip from hell, but I didn't have the energy. Instead, I ate strawberry cream cheese muffins that I bought in a moment of weakness as I tried to wrangle two kids back into a shopping cart that was ironically a police car. With one climbing out as the other climbed in, oh what I would have given for some handcuffs to go along with that cart. Just thinking about it makes me want another muffin.

I confess--I've wanted to blog about chores. Someone on my old due date board posted a question about what kinds of chores our 2 year olds do. The thought never really crossed my mind. I mean, sure, I make them pick up their toys, and they love to help unload the dishwasher and bring in the groceries. Then I saw this chart...Hmmm. Maybe I don't need a housekeeper after all--I've birthed two of them!

I confess--I miss learning about new opportunities, activities, and ideas that I learn from other moms when I blog. After reading this recent article, I realized how much I could use some new ideas for fun learning activities. Drew and Emily have really started imaginary play, especially with their kitchen set. I am hungry (pardon the bad pun) for some new things to try with them.

I confess--I hope this post has "and she blogs happily ever after..." or at least, "a little more regularly..."


irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Life happens! :)

Glad to hear you are happy, enjoying life and your kids are beautiful!

Jennifer Forbes said...

I second my Irish friend's sentiments Melissa, glad to hear you are enjoying your life. And as always this Catholic gal loves your confessions :)

RoryBore said...

we all need a wee break. gives everyone a chance to miss us.

I am off for on our vacation, and you always hope that when you return -- you'll still have readers to share your adventures with! LOL

the recital dress is gorgeous!!
and love, love the Pontoon song!

Miss Megan said...

I've missed you for sure, but I echo that life happens!
I'm loving that chores list...hmmm...may be instituting some of those with my girls soon!
And holy adorable recital outfit!!! Love it!!!

Awn said...

How exciting that you may have a church home! Yay! Don't worry, whenever you come back on a regular basis we'll be here. Enjoy your time with your family and being present with them!

Johanna Baker said...

I've missed you guys! I'm behind too... sometimes it is better to enjoy life instead of documenting it, right?

Sounds like you've had a lot going on. Love the updates and the pictures. The babies are getting so big!

Julia said...

Hey there, friend! I'm proud of you for sitting back and waiting for the the words/energy/inspiration to come---so much better than forcing it :) And, I love that you're authentic and honest about all of it.

With that said---glad to see that some of your writing mojo has come back----I've missed seeing your posts. Love that I still have a glimpse into your life through facebook :)

Oh----and I love Drew's boat :)

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Well, I must say that is one way to "catch up"...I confess...I loved reading this post while rocking out to your pontoon song and YES you need to come link on up...we've missed you at the party on Saturday's:)

Loved the chore list...totally stealing this and getting my kids in "motion"!

Happy Weekend my friend!!

KERRY said...

I think you have done a wonderful job of bringing us up to date now :) Please don't be too hard on yourself, although your dreams and hopes of capturing every single moment on this blog hasn't been working out for you, you must take that pressure off yourself. You are afterall enjoying all those moments in person!
You will get there, maybe just need to relax your lists a little of what you would like to blog about...
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Btw, I had a dream last night that you were a really good professional dancer, you had on one of those skimpy little outfits too and were tanned and toned and dancing some salsa number lol...I have weird dreams I know!

Lisa Devereaux said...

Hello! I confess my little blog has been quiet this year so I totally understand! I look forward to reading more.

Always Heather said...

Sometimes life and living gets in the way of blogging and writing..and showering you know all of those important things! :) Most of us are in the same no worries! I'll still read whatever you post..whenever you may post it! :)

Olusola said...

Missed you much, but like Megan said, life happens. Love the cool updates from this post though. And good for you finding a home church. It means so much.

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