Friday, December 21, 2012

Mr. Mom

Since, apparently, December 21 is going to be a nonevent, it looks like I will have some additional days to blog about my recent NYC trip, which is good, because today I really want to share about what was going on at home while I was in NYC.

If you remember, I joked about the fact that Marty, my husband, would be home alone with the kids for almost 4 full days. I joked, because the truth is, my husband rocks as Mr. Mom.

Sure, he complains. He whines. He brags. He gloats. He calls in his "points earned" for extra golf outings.

But, under normal circumstances, not only can he handle two two-year-olds, he makes it look easy.


The stomach bug hits.

Yes, the super-bug can and did bring even Super-Dad to his knees--literally--just as I was leaving for New York.

As I stepped off the plane and turned my cell phone back on, this text message and picture were waiting:

Followed by...

(Did I mention he knows how to give a good guilt trip, too??)

So, while I enjoyed...

I heard there was a lot of this:
Image Credit

as well as...
Image Credit

and even some...
Image Credit

Despite the fact that the house might have sustained some temporary damage...
Image Credit

I am happy to report that, by the time I returned, everyone was alive and on the mend.

And, maybe, just maybe, for a least a short while, each of us had a newfound appreciation for each other.
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christina said...

too funny. :) sucks that he was sick but glad you got away!

Rory Bore said...

the best movie!!

even better when you get it in reality. I took off to my moms for a few days, so Left Brain was Mr. Mom for probably the longest he ever has been.

I noticed he was much nicer to me when I returned. LOL

Beth said...

Let's hear it for husbands who are also good Dads!

Good for Marty even toughing it out sick. It is so great that you each get chances to get away and enjoy a little 'me' time. That is great for the entire family!

Yeah, I'm sure when I am gone, I don't want to see/know the details of how things are going at home (like what the kitchen looks like), I know the kids are safe and loved- that's good enough for me!

I guess you should keep him and buy him something nice for Christmas :-)

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